words and images_Steve Jaconetta Well the weather is cooling down up here in CT, and summer is gone. So with that, my rotation of what I wear will be changing very soon. But, I figured while I can still wear shorts I might as well take advantage of it. Here's a look at what i've been wearing this week. First up is the "black toe" original Air Jordan XIV. These were one of the first shoes I got when I started collecting sneakers back in '98. This is the same pair i've had since then and i've logged a lot of miles and runs on the court in them. But nonetheless, they're still holding up and not showing any signs of retiring. While they may not be "heat" status to most of you, they will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the first sneakers in my ever growing collection.

Now this is probably the least popular colorway of the Air Max LeBron VII, but it is personally one of my favorites. I wear a lot of red, and sometimes you just need a good white and red sneaker. Well, this is that pair. NFW or not, this colorway was perfectly executed and it is very comfortable. I waited until the summertime to break these out, and now it is going to be hard to put them away.

Well, once news broke out months ago that the "french blue" or "flint" Air Jordan XIII's were returning this year I figured, why not break my pair from '05 out? Originally when I purchased them five years ago I only wore them a handful of times and kept them strictly for wear in the summer. But, since they're coming back out in about two months I figured that I might as well wear them more since they'll be out again. Am I mad they're coming back out? No. But, I am disappointed that it's only been five years since they came back out. Give people a chance to wear what they have already JB!

Well, the Air Jordan XIII is not my grail model, but it is a favorite. So again, once news broke out that this colorway was coming back out this year in it's true form I figured time to wear these bad boys more. Now these I actually wore a lot more than the "french blue's" above because I really didn't care what happened to them. But, they still remain nice and to be honest they look really nice when they're on your foot and worn right. Now, does this mean i'm not copping the high's in December? Hell NO! Two pairs for sure.

Lastly rounding out my five for this week is the Nike Air Foamposite Pro. When these came out, the popularity of Foam's wasn't as high. Especially for the Foam Pro's. All colorways when they retroed went on sale around me and were easy to pickup. Carolina blue is one of my favorite colors alongside red. So, when the weather is nice I love to bring these bad boys out. Highly underrated in my opinion and not an "instant cop" to some, but if these were to come back out exactly like they look below, it would be an easy multiple pair situation for me.

Well folks there you have it, Steve "Jr." Jaconetta's daily 5. What will I be wearing next? Stay tuned for that!