Blake Bevin Power Laces 2.0 Video

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Nearly two months ago, we showed you an interesting video in which Blake Bevin showcased a power lacing system that she described as more of a proof of concept than a practical idea. However, here we are in August, and it appears that Blake is interested in moving forward with this idea.

After the video received more than 1 million views and her story was picked up by several media outlets, Blake believes there may be some life to this project after all. If the newest video is any indication of her creative direction, she may indeed be on to something. Seen here is Blake's Power Laces 2.0 concept. A noticeable upgrade from the proof of concept, this shoe does not feature the bulky external equipment that we saw on the first pair. The automatic lacing system is now built into the sole, with the power laces being triggered by a sensor in the heel. We also see an indicator on the tongue that lights up when in use.

In a talk with CounterKicks, Bevin said that her aim is to create a marketable device that could be attached to any shoe. While she doesn't have an inventor background, she believes that the power lacing system could be of use to technology and sneaker fans, as well as those with motor skill disabilities. She has also started funding the project on KickStarter, with a goal of $25,000 by October 11th. If the goal is met, she believes a mass market device could be seen within a year at a retail price of $100-$150.

With the discovery of Nike's recently filed Air Mag patent, things certainly do get interesting. Does Nike really have plans to create a shoe with an automatic lacing system? If they do, will Blake Bevin beat them to the punch? Only time will tell. What do you think of the possibility of an automatic lacing system? What do you think of Blake's most recent concept update?

via Blake Bevin