Name: Justin 

Age: 20 Location: Southern California

ISS Name: mr.tamnus

Specialty: I'm a big OG Jordan and Lebron fan. The LeBron AZG was the first shoe that really caught my eye when I was 13, and since then, I have seen it as the shoe that started it all for me.

How long have you been collecting? Two years.

What is the rarest pair you have? Air Jordan 5 Chris Paul player exclusive in the home colorway.

What is your all-time favorite sneaker? My favorite shoe has to be my Chris Paul Vs. It took me years to find them, almost giving up hope that they even existed. However, I lucked out and found them.

What other pair are you in hot pursuit of right now? I'm really trying to get a pair of the sample Infrared Jordan 6 or any player exclusive Air Jordan 5. I love player exclusives because the different color combinations are really special to collect. The sample Infrared is a shoe that takes the greatness of the Jordan 6 to an unprecedented level in the shoe game. With that crisp red Nike Air lettering, and beautiful red finish on the side, nothing beats the true heat of the Infrared. I am REALLY pushing hard for some Nike Air Force Low "Dunkin Donuts" as well. The colorway makes me want to cry in amazement, along with getting a donut.

What does collecting mean to you? Collecting has changed my life in many ways. I never could have imagined that something so simple as buying shoes could turn into a passion that I have yet to find in any other hobby. Collecting is not about what you have or what you have spent, but the sheer thrill of the hunt in finding the shoes that best reflect your own personality.

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