words_Nick DePaula Hatching out a masterplan to turn the NBA into a league of superteams, were they? Nope, two guys simply hanging out in Las Vegas at Lavo, a new Italian restaurant and nightclub launched last fall by the founders of the Nike-preferred Tao Nightclub. It's the offseason afterall. LeBron hosted the party, which included in attendance CP3, new teammate Dwyane Wade, Chauncey Billups, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo and somehow Larry Hughes was even invited. Perhaps the goal of the night was to celebrate his new #6 in multiple ways, like eating a custom cake. For Chris Paul, it was the Citrus Air Jordan Retro 9 and a subtle coordinating fit, while King James went even more casual with a rather fitted striped tee, jeans and the "Grape" Air Max 95. LeBron has always been a huge Air Max fan, and whether it's the Air Max 2009 or Air Max Griffey, it's hardly a surprise to see him out in PSI. On a side note, both Bron and CP share the same stylist -- so there's no excusing the matching Damier Graphite LV belts. Via: you big dummy Luckily, there's even a video of the frenzied scene: