words // Nick DePaula

There's no excuse. Plain and simple.

Sneakers have gotten to be so lazy, so mailed in, that no longer will a company rip off a shoe's tooling, which can cost thousands upon thousands of development dollars.

They won't even rip off a company's near-trademark material, like an elephant print or monogram canvas. Nope.

"Emerging" footwear company Stamp'd literally printed a graphic of the Louis Vuitton Jasper, part of a collection designed of course by Kanye West, alongside the upper of its latest model and went on break for the day. Lazy.

Even worse, the shoe is named the Steezy Hi -- get it? -- and I'd expect quite a few people are laughing uncontrollably at the sheer lack of effort.

The rest of the Stamp'd collection isn't even all that bad, as I'd wear the hell out of the Grey and Black Slows and get down with the Navy Hi's, but after this lazy attempt, I'd have a hard time wearing anything Stamp'd.

Via: Hypebeast

The "inspiration":