words_Brandon Richard In a typical NBA postseason, there's one player that elevates his game and becomes a superstar. Rarely does that player already have a NBA championship ring and all-star appearance under his belt. However, that is the case with Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Two seasons ago, Rondo was seen as the reason that the Celtics wouldn't have a chance at multiple rings. Today, he may be the main reason why they do. The people at Nike have to be thrilled with Rondo's postseason performance as well. Not only has he increased his marketability, he has indirectly been the pitchman for the Nike Hyperfuse basketball shoe. After each big play by Rondo, several viewers are asking themselves, "what shoes is he wearing?" Today, we'll give you a detailed look at his weapon of choice. The shoe features a deep forest green upper. Black hits the inner liner, Swoosh, and outsole. Most notable is a splash design around the ankle which features black and two shades of green. These are expected to hit retailers later this year, but can be purchased early at Marquee Sole. via Marquee Sole