words_Brandon Richard Every year, when the European leagues have crowned their champions and the NBA season is close to wrapping up, basketball season is just beginning on the blacktops of New York City. NYC streetball is not only a staple in New York's culture, it's a staple in every one's culture. From roundball skills to street fashion, the big city has influenced us all. After Red Cafe's track "Heart & Soul" became an office favorite, Niels Jager and the people at Germany's K1x wanted to capture the true essence of New York City's streetball culture. They wanted to build what they called a "statue for NYC streetball." They would do just that in the form of a video. French streetball documentarist Kevin Couliau spent the summer of 2009 taking footage from K1x affiliated streetball tournaments in Harlem ("Together We Chill" and "Kingdome Classic"), the Lower East Side ("Lower Manhattan Classic"), and a variety of other city courts. With cameos from names you may recognize, we get a 4 minute New York City streetball experience. When Bobbito Garcia got a sneak peak at the clip last winter, he said "It's so beautiful, man. It's snowing tonight but it made me look forward to the coming summer months again." You can read more and grab yourself some "Heart & Soul" wallpapers over at K1X.

via K1X