words_Brandon Richard With less than a month to go before the 2010 World Cup kicks off, we've seen a lot of soccer inspired gear from the world's leading sports apparel brands. Several creative ideas and concepts have been applied to athletic wear, but perhaps none more interesting than what PUMA has done with this 2010 Africa Unity Kit. The PUMA Africa Unity Replica jersey is inspired by the sun, vast skies, and rich soil of Africa. It is designed to be worn by all of PUMA's African football nations. The unique colorway is bespoke. The brown color you see was created from mixing actual soil samples from Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Cameroon. The transition from brown to blue is a metaphor for soil to sky. The yellow seen on the number and logo represents the sun shining down on Africa. The jersey also features an African unity badge, that shows two players' hands locked in a handshake of solidarity. In conjunction with the in-store launch of PUMA's Africa Unity replica gear, they will also debut two new soccer boots as part of their bi-annual "Tricks" program. While the jerseys may have been inspired by the continent of Africa, the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 Tricks and the PUMA v1.10 Tricks are actually representative of the Earth's core. The brand boasts that the two new boots are every bit as fierce and fiery as they are skilled and smooth. This marks the first time PUMA has released a Tricks boot in both their "Power" and "Speed" lines. These cleats will be worn by PUMA-sponsored players both nationally and internationally beginning this weekend. Lastly, PUMA is introducing their new Lacelets, which offer a new twist to traditional shoelaces. With their unique lacing kits, PUMA will show you how to lace and weave the Lacelets to create belts, bracelets, rings, and laces. The Lacelets, which feature intricate patterns by artist Kehinde Wiley, will also include a special design that coincides with the PUMA Africa Unity Kit. Additionally, a portion of the profits from PUMA Lacelets will fund the United Nations Environment Program's Year of Biodiversity and its associated programs. You can pick up all of these items now over at PUMA's online shop.