Name: Alex or Alexander

Age: 24

Location: Oakland, California/Stevens Point, Wisconsin

ISS Name: Langox510x

Specialty: "Strictly Vintage."

How long have you been collecting? Since 2001. It actually started with the Jordan XI Columbias that I got for my 16th birthday. What is the rarest pair you have? Hmm...That's got to be my Melo Sample V.5s. It's not just any sample, but one of those early stage samples that they don't ever plan on releasing. I also have a pair of DS Chuck Taylors from the 1950s. Those must be extremely rare as well.

What is your favorite sneaker? The Nike Bo Jackson Trainer SC IIs. They haven't been retroed and are almost impossible to find. I have been looking for a pair in my size for almost three years now.

What pair are you in hot pursuit of right now? The Nike Bo Jackson Trainer SC IIs. I've owned three pairs so far, but never in my own size. Actually,I did once when I was a little kid. Just found a picture of me rocking them last time I was at my parents house.

What does collecting mean to you? I guess everybody has a passion in their lives, and for me that is shoe collecting. My story starts back when the Retro Concord XIs were set to release. I fell in love with a shoe for the very first time. My mom wasn't about to drop $135 on a pair of shoes for no reason, so I never got a pair. I had to settle for some ugly team Jordan's because they were under $100.

My birthday was in September of that year, which happened to be around the time the Columbias were set to release. I never had to wait in any lines, because the guys at the shoe store Brown Brothers in Alameda held shoes for me. Before the release, the owner of the store noticed how much I wanted the new Jordans, and he let me check out the new shipment. That made me love them more than ever.

I remember coming to school with the Columbias, which many other kids couldn't get their paws on. They'd just looked at my feet in awe because of how pretty my shoes were. After rocking them around school for a few weeks, I had a big soccer game and left them in my locker. I covered them with something so that they would be less noticeable, but I had a big see through sports locker. When I got back, my locker had been raided. My shoes were the only thing they touched. Thank God they didn't check my pants pocket, because I just so happened to be carrying a $100 bill on me. I was heart broken, and almost into tears at that moment.

My dad's client at the time just so happened to work for Nike. We took her to the Airport so that she could catch a plane to New York City. When she heard what had happened at school, she asked my little brother and I what our shoe sizes were. A few weeks later my brother, we both received packages. My brother got some ugly sample shoe that I don't know the name of, and I got a brand new pair of DS Concords, months after they were sold out. I wish I could thank that lady, because I believe she is the main reason I got into the shoe game.

What was the first pair of Nike's you ever bought for the love of the shoe game? That would have to be my Bread XIs. This was the first pair of Jordans I waited in line for. I remember waking up at about 4:45 a.m., getting a quick breakfast, and then walking 2 miles to Footlocker to wait on them. I was the third person in line. By the time the store opened, I was about 7th due to of all the cutting, but I had no problem getting my pair of Jordans.

What is your personal holy grail of all time that means the most to you sentimentally? My Concord XIs, which I still own and are in pretty good condition, considering that I wore them every day. Nike just doesn't make 'em like they used to. Enjoy!

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