Name: David 

Age: 15

Location: Miami, Florida

ISS Name: DJ-47

Specialty: I mostly collect Nike, but I have been branching out my collection into all brands.

How long have you been collecting? 3-4 years.

What is the rarest pair you have? I have couple that I'd consider my rarest. Yeezy's, Wheat Highs, 94 1's, and Floms.

What is your favorite sneaker? Do you own them? The Nike SB Futura Dunk Low, and I own two pairs.

What other pair are you in hot pursuit of right now? Right now? Nothing really. Just seeing what I can get deals on.

What does collecting mean to you? Collecting went from something fun to a lifestyle. I had no idea what the sneaker community could bring or how big it actually was. I have to say one of my best choices was to get into shoes, because it brought me into such a great family. Kicks have opened my eyes to so many different things, whether it's clothing brands or careers. That's one thing I have to thank the shoe game for. While getting into shoes, I also fell in love with photography. Now I'm taking it up as a career and going to school for it. So, along with making new friends and having an expensive hobby, collecting shoes gave me something that I can follow through with for my entire life.

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