words_Brandon Richard Last year, 17-year old Austin Jermacans came one step closer to reaching his dream of being a footwear designer when he won the 2009 Future Sole Competition. The designer of the Future Sole Melo M6 not only took home some cool prizes, but saw his design worn on the court by both Carmelo Anthony and the Syracuse men's basketball team. This year, you have a chance to be in Austin's shoes by signing up for the 2010 Future Sole Competition. If you're a student 14-25 years old, head on over to the Future Sole website and sign up today. Included in this year's contest are both Nike and Jordan sneaker designs, as well as a brand new Jordan T-shirt category. Make sure you get your registration in quickly, as each category is limited to the first 1,000 submitted entries. via Future Sole