words_Nick DePaula As all of us with filled closets know, shoe boxes can certainly take up a bit of space. There's also quite a bit of resources that go into manufacturing them, as countless paper, energy and electricity can be used up during the production process. That's why PUMA is getting rid of them altogether, and launching the Clever Little Bag, their very own eco-friendly packaging solution. The new "boxes" are actually made of a cardboard frame wrapped in a reusable shoe bag, and PUMA announced that the change, coming next year, will save an estimated 8,500 tons of paper. For comparison's sake, the quirky company says that's comparable to the weight of over 1,400 full-sized elephants. Paper won't be the only resource being preserved, as the change will also help reduce the amount of energy and water being used by 60 percent. "Sustainability is not only absolutely necessary considering the situation our planet is in, we as companies are also overdue to take responsibility. We can't wait for governments. Companies have to lead the way and we want to be among the leaders," PUMA Chief Executive Jochen Zeitz said of the new Clever Little Bag. "In changing the packaging and distribution life cycle from the ground up, we hope our new design and comprehensive solution encourages other retail companies to follow suit," says industrial designer Yves Behar. Behar worked with PUMA to create the Clever Little Bag over a 21 month timeline, designing endless alternatives before landing on the final solution, seen below. For more background information and details, be sure to check out this cool video: