words & interview_Christopher Cason When I tell people that James Johnson could one day be the Bulls second best player, most just assume I'm being a homer or I know something that they don't know. However, that same thought is echoed throughout the Bulls locker room, and all it's going to take for that to happen is for Johnson to realize it himself. I recently caught up with the rookie from Wake Forest to talk shoes, and being one of the most outgoing people on the team, it was easy to get James to talk about his love of sneakers, what he enjoyed during his childhood and what he's enjoyed playing in this season. Christopher Cason: You have been wearing the Kobe IV's lately. Why those and not the V's? James Johnson: The Kobe IV's, those are the ones I was working out in coming into my rookie season. They're just comfortable, they're light and I feel confident playing in them. You're one of the bigger players to play in the IV's, how do they handle? They break well. You really get taped in the NBA, a lot. So, with putting on tape, it feels like you have a light high-top. You've worn the Autoforce 180, Hyperdunk, Alpholution, Huarache 2010 and now the Kobe IV's, which one of those have been your favorite and why? I'm going to have to go with the Hyperdunks. I've been using the Hyperdunks since college. They're light as well and they're loose up top. You have some mobility at the top as well as ankle support. Coming up as a kid, what were some of the shoes you were in to? I wore all the Pennys. I wore the Pippens with the "AIR" on them, the Deion Sanders and the Charles Barkleys. Those were my joints. That's what I kept on to. I kept those and the Jordan IVs. Those are what I played in throughout my high school career. You've been telling me you got a surprise towards the end of the season, any hints on what it is? You know, I got a little surprise if we do get in the playoffs, or towards the end of the year. You just got to wait to see them!