words_Nick Engvall One of the biggest releases of this year was the limited Parra x Nike Sportswear Air Max 1. Even though they released on the 13th of March, they're still buzzing all over the sneaker community, albeit for all the wrong reasons. In the last few days, there has been rumors and hearsay about how the stateside release at 21 Mercer was handled. A few "shoelebrities" had their hands on the shoes days before the release, and being that the shoes were to release at only 21 Mercer, eyebrows were raised. The irony is, it's the nature of the beast. Our community rides waves of hype. Nearly everyone wants to be the first to show they've got the hottest new thing, and this holds true for all ranges in the community, whether it's the kid with a handful of sneakers or the collector with thousands. We all go after a "connect" hoping to get our hands on releases, and inevitably there will always be someone with a better connect, leaving some people salty. Thanks to Twitter, the news seems to travel through the community faster than ever before. Good or bad? Depends on how you look at it I guess. The Parra designed Air Max 1 seems to have been taken to a new level of hype and...um...oddity. Pictures were posted online in the SC forums showing these Tier Zero releases on the shelves of a Foot Locker store in Europe. Not exactly where you would find a Tier Zero shoe. Tagged with "Only at Foot Locker" and a $160 price tag, of course this would get some people buzzing, especially with resale prices fetching over four times that amount in some cases. It looks like it was just a (blindingly obvious) hoax, with real shoes, and well-placed staged picture. What are your thoughts on all this negative buzz about the Parra release?