words_Nick Engvall The Nike Hyperize has been the subject of much debate lately, after last month Detroit Pistons trainer Arnie Kander banned an "unnamed" sneaker from the locker room, while describing the Hyperize in almost exact detail. We noticed that at least one of the Pistons players was still wearing the Nike Hyperize, Charlie Villanueva. We had some great responses to that post, and it sparked all sorts of conversation. Yesterday, Charlie Villanueva himself responded via Twitter. Saying that "First off I still rock my Nike Hyperizes, I love them! I've yet to had any problems whatsoever; ankle injury can happen to anyone at anytime." Charlie Villanueva comments on the Hyperize There is no doubt it can happen to anyone, but does the fact that he is wearing substantial ankle braces have anything to do with it? Considering guards Ben Gordan and Will Bynum didn't wear them while playing in the Hyperize, it's hard to think the braces don't have some sort of relevance. Sole Collector's own Terence Tang recently gave a great performance review on the Hyperize, breaking down the pieces of the shoe that seem to be the subject of much debate. Granted thousands of people play in the Hyperize on all levels daily without spraining their ankles, there is still something to be said of Arnie Kander's comments. He's obviously in a position to see first hand the positives and the negatives, whether it be on a point guard or a power forward. Check out the rest of Villanueva's comments below, and follow him at twitter.com/CV31 Charlie Villanueva comments on the HyperizeCharlie Villanueva comments on the Hyperize