words_Nick DePaula For those of you into the behind-the-scenes world of the industry and the people that have helped shape the marketplace as we know it today, The Oregonian recently published a tremendous look at David Kennedy, co-founder of the world famous advertising firm Weiden+Kennedy. Best known for its brash and innovative ads created for its rising client of the 1980's, Nike, Weiden+Kennedy has gone on to represent the likes of Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Levi's, Target and more. A wonderful profile penned by D.K. Row, the story takes a look at Kennedy's humble upbringings, his penchant for spawning anti-advertising ads in an era of shill marketing, and his current love of art and sculptures. There's also a telling quote about the success of Weiden+Kennedy over the years, from Kennedy's co-founder and good friend Dan Weiden" "When you enter a profession and don't buy into it, you can do something really interesting. So, this agency was founded on a gentle disrespect for the industry. We say we hate advertising, but we do it very well." Be sure to check out the full article: Profile: David Kennedy of Portland's Wieden+Kennedy Ad Agency