words_Nick Engvall Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of too many artists to have checked out of this life long before they should have. Although if there is any upside in his passing away at such a young age, it has been the influence he has had on artists ever since his untimely death in 1988. Much like many of the highly regarded artists of today, Basquiat started his expression of creativity young and found himself spraying in the streets of Manhattan. With such a short time spent in this world, he made his impression quickly. With his talent though, it's no surprise his work can go for as much as $15 Million dollars or more. His legacy has been carried on by many, but Reebok has also done there part in seeing that his namesake is remembered. Many sneakerheads may not give the Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquait Collection a second look, especially considering the boldness of Basquiat's artwork on a sneaker. The collection does however have appeal to the art community, especially in Basquiat's former home of New York City and throughout Europe where he found success late in his career. Last year Reebok created the collection for the first time, and judging from the fact that it will return again for the Summer of 2010. Utilizing a number of classic silhouettes from the Reebok Archives, Basquiat's creative style is once again available on unique canvases. Some of the notable silhouettes include the Top Down, the Pump Omni Lite, Ventilator, and Dual Pump Runner. via Providermag