words_Nick Engvall Nike has made it a tradition over the past nine years to create a special makeup for the traditional Chinese New Year Zodiac. Last month, we previewed this year's "Year of the Tiger" creation which comes in the form of the Classic Cortez. Nike designers have taken the tiger inspiration further than ever before with pony-hair covered panels and silk-screened gold tiger print uppers. An extreme attention to detail sees the insoles dated for the holiday, as well Chinese characters "?"(tiger) on Chinese trigrams and "??" (peace) are imprinted on the shoe tongue. The shoes come with an extra set of matching Starks laces, and a limited number of 200 will be available in one of the most creative uses of packaging, which incorporates as many details as the shoes themselves. The Nike Year of the Tiger Classic Cortez will be available on February 10th with limited shoebox package and on 13th with traditional Nike shoebox at select Nike Sportswear stores in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.