words_Nick Engvall Nike 6.0 has been an overlooked niche of the sneaker community for quite a while now. Ironically the only reason that can explain it, is the fact that much like the wide variety of sports that 6.0 supports, the 6.0 line of sneakers is available in a wider range of stores and boutiques. They have however started to move into exclusives and more limited releases, but reworking a classic can now be marked off the to-do list. One of the upcoming releases from 6.0 that Rad Collector was able to give us a sneak peek at, is the newly reinvented version of the Dunk. The Nike 6.0 Dunk features a make up that features a more appropriate approach for the aggressiveness of action sports. The choice of canvas and a vulcanized give the Dunk new found durability and a more suitable sole for the likes of BMX and Freeride Mountain Biking, among other sports. You'll still need to provide your own skill, but the slight improvements to the Dunk will make it a good choice for the more rigorous of sports come spring. Nike 6.0 Dunk Spring 2010 PreviewNike 6.0 Dunk Spring 2010 PreviewNike 6.0 Dunk Spring 2010 Preview