Hawaii New Balance H574 words_Nick Engvall Sometimes you look at a shoe and it's not for you. Other times, you can look at a shoe and you have to have it. I think that is something that anyone can relate to. I think only fellow sneakerheads can relate to me on this one, maybe not with these shoes specifically, but to the idea. On a rare occasion, you look at a shoe and 99 percent of the time, you wouldn't give it a second look. That 1 percent of the time though, a shoe that normally you'd think was an easy pass, for some reason appeals to you even when it's not something that would normally even be a blip on your radar. It can be a number of things that make it appealing, but for some reason it's outside your norm, and you decide you have to have it. There is more than a handful of things that I don't usually like on this Hawaii H574 from New Balance, yet somehow my obsession with sneakers makes me want these. Normally, I am not really a fan of the gradient of colors seen on the tongue and heel cap. I really don't wear boots of any kind, with a few rare exceptions. A couple other things I don't really care for is the exaggerated stitching and use of nylon. Finishing up my list of reasons why I shouldn't like this shoe is the orange suede on the outer toebox; weird, but it's just one of those things. Yet for some reason (maybe it's the weather?), the thought of Hawaii and hiking up Diamond Head or the Haleakala Ridge Trail instantly has me wanting these the moment I saw them. Unexplainable to some, but probably completely understandable to sneakerheads. Available now at Dunk. Hawaii New Balance H574Hawaii New Balance H574Hawaii New Balance H574Hawaii New Balance H574Hawaii New Balance H574Hawaii New Balance H574