words & fun spent copy/pasting images_Nick DePaula With the 2010 NBA All-Star reserves having been officially announced earlier today, here we have a first look at just how each conference stacks up by brand. During my "research," aside from being surprised by how much NBA.com relies on outdated player profile pictures (and Al Horford's stunting), I found we'll be seeing a fairly dominant slant towards Nike INC, with all but five players from both conferences repping the Beaverton based company. Adidas will have four players in the Sunday showdown at Cowboys Stadium, with Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose leading the Brotherhood, while Reebok will have its lone endorser of relevance left, Allen Iverson, likely breaking out a themed colorway of the Answer XIII. Nike Basketball boasts the most players of the bunch, with a total of fourteen All-Stars who'll be seen in their vibrant Chlorine Blue and Daring Red All-Star kicks. Jordan Brand's handful of Team players marks their biggest presence in several years. Surprised by the break-down? Any snubs you really felt deserved a slot in Dallas? 2010 WESTERN CONFERENCE NBA ALL-STARS: 2010 EASTERN CONFERENCE NBA ALL-STARS: