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Recently we showed you the Christmas Air Force 1, which got me thinking about all of the colorways that seem to be released around Holiday Season themes.� "Inspired by" colorways are nothing new, in fact they have created some of the best colorways of all time, but the holiday themed colors seem to always leave me wanting more. With the exception of last year's LeBron VI (which also disappointed me in that it was only released in kids sizes), I haven't really felt the need to pick up any of the holiday inspired colorways of any sneaker. Perhaps it's because I want to wear the shoes I buy and I guess maybe I sound Grinch-like in saying this, but there aren't too many reasons for me to wear holiday inspired sneakers. The way I see it, there are a couple of possible reasons to wear one of these holiday colorways. First up, the annual holiday party. For those of us that have or do work in a corporate environment, this is the most loved/hated event of the holidays. While selecting a lessor of all evils co-worker to sit next to, we partake in what naturally becomes the longest evening of our life of the holiday season. If we're lucky, we'll make it out of there with some form of white-elephant gift (unfortunately it's never white-elephant print, although that would be nice!) that usually gets passed along to some other lucky recipient as soon as possible. Usually, it's in the form of none other than a white-elephant gift, even if we have to stash it in the closet until next year's holiday party. Now if you're feeling festive, the holiday party could easily be a spot to rock your holiday inspired kicks. However, one thing that is also synonymous with holiday parties, is Eggnog. If anything inspires Griswold-like guzzling of the traditional holiday beverage that's been spiked with rum, it's the awkwardness of having to sit through a couple hours of your nearest and dearest...um...coworkers. Which typically results in a number of inebriated people, who now unknowingly and uncontrollably see your footwear as target practice for spillage. Add in the fact that you may have had a drink or two yourself, and it may become a recipe for disaster with your new purchase as the main ingredient.

Christmas Nike Air Force 1If you're like many in the world who work in retail, the holiday inspired sneakers could see a little bit more wear during this time of year. Along with the merciless repeating of the same 10 holiday songs over and over again, your manager has probably suggested upping the amount of "flair" you wear to work. This undoubtedly includes the Santa-like stocking cap. Somehow, in a retail setting, management seems to forget how truly "enjoyable" wearing your Santa's helper attire is. The irony is that for many people that work retail, placing the red and white stocking cap on your head for your shift seems to also simultaneously give you a disgusted look on your face much like the kid from A Christmas Story donning the bunny suit.

With that stocking cap and disgusted look, you can now hang your head and check out the holiday inspired sneakers on your feet. Which I guess is a good thing, however, it's likely going to have your manager getting on your case about being more productive, because we all know how busy retail gets during this time of year. That busyness also means that your shoes have to be put to work, and they'll probably end up creased and wrinkled, looking like laundry that sat in the dryer for days. Overall, it doesn't seem like a good way to treat your new kicks to me.

So what is it about holiday inspired releases? Maybe I'm wrong, and people like to wear their holiday inspired kicks throughout the year. This year's Air Force 1 is a simple and timeless colorway, so I can see people wearing it outside of the holiday season, but it just doesn't seem likely to me. Maybe I am just a Grinch, but I'm a Grinch who is enjoying some holiday traditions like Christmas Vacation and gingerbread latte at this very moment. I guess I just don't like my holiday cheer spreading all the way to my feet, is that so bad?