Vans White Label Half Cab Pro words_Nick Engvall In the world of skateboarding shoes, in order to survive as a company you need to be as durable as the shoes you're making. Companies tend to pop up and disappear like groundhogs in the film Caddyshack. One of the companies that has found no problems staying above ground is Vans. With as many classic silhouettes as the company has, it seems that sticking to what works and not trying to "reinvent the wheel" is a can't miss business plan for their future. Continuing with the tried and true, Vans has revamped what could be their most popular model, the Half Cab Pro. This classic skate shoe is redone in three simple colorways. Mixing it up slightly from the typical Half Cab Pros, the side label of these has been done in an extremely clean white with white backing, which nicely accents the otherwise blue, black and burgundy color choices. Of course with Vans, and the Half Cab, the vulcanized waffle sole is always a standard issue element. If you're not familiar with the Half Cab, you can probably consult with your favorite skater. Chances are, their favorite skater worked magic in a pair of Half Cabs, or maybe even still does. Available now at Vans retailers like HUF. Vans White Label Half Cab ProVans White Label Half Cab Pro