words_Nick Engvall Today, the Star Trek movie that released in theaters earlier this year, hits retailers in DVD form. Normally this kind of thing might slide by the radar as most of us sneakerheads are probably more enthralled with the hoops season coming into full stride. However, this time around may be the exception. The roots of the sneaker culture are deep, not only in their tie to basketball, but also in their tie to skateboarding. One of those often overlooked skateboard companies is Airwalk. Airwalk's roots can be traced back into the hearts of many long time sneakerheads, including STPL Design founder, Jeff Staple. The collaboration between Airwalk and STPL Design has become a hot topic over the last year or so, as the debate over whether or not the partnership was a good decision continues to be a heated debate in the sneaker community. [Be sure to check out our History of Jeff Staple & Airwalk feature, as well as our exclusive 1-on-1 with Jeff.] With the debate reaching its peak just in time for the film to hit theaters, it spread the word amongst sneakerheads and Trekkies alike, and gave people the first look at the Star Trek collaboration project. Now the second coming of the Star Trek releases from the STPL x Airwalk partnership has arrived in the same fashion, with perfect timing. Three colorways of the Terrain silhouette are now available at Payless, including "Engineering" Red, "Command" Gold and "Science" Blue, all of which are based on the classic Star Fleet uniforms. While the blue and red versions will make their way into select stores, the gold version is an online exclusive. So, as you're watching those two unknown schools duke it out on the court, check out a little bit of sneaker heritage from Airwalk and Jeff Staple. STPL x Airwalk x Star Trek Collection STPL x Airwalk x Star Trek CollectionSTPL x Airwalk x Star Trek CollectionSTPL x Airwalk x Star Trek Collection