Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG UNDFTD Air Force 1 words_Nick Engvall Oftentimes the meaning behind a project is buried by a blanket of buildup. Let's face it, hype sells. In the sneaker and streetwear culture, this statement could not be more true. With so many collaborations, some collectors are turned away from some of the "industry heavyweights" by the mention of their name. Understandable, as we've all been disappointed by the hype machine at some point or another. On the flip side, there are many times when the story behind the sneakers is more powerful than anything the hype machine could possibly manufacture. For these UNDFTD x LIVESTRONG Air Force 1's, the latter is without a doubt the case. UNDFTD is undeniably one of the top streetwear and sneaker culture companies. With the growing popularity of the company, the public face of UNDFTD has naturally become co-owner Eddie Cruz. While he may not share the mainstream celebrity status of LIVESTRONG founder Lance Armstrong, the two have both experienced similar ups and downs along the way. While Lance's have been more public, fans of UNDFTD know that Eddie's could only be followed on Twitter. Those experiences have created a deeper meaning behind these Air Force 1's for Cruz. "I support LIVESTRONG and Lance Armstrong. He was one of the first people to send me a message of support when I got my brain tumor. Lance told me to stay strong," said Eddie. This is the kind of motivation and passion that can never be replaced by any amount of hype. Nike and UNDFTD have had a number of successful collabs in the past, with one of the most notable, an Air Force 1 from 2006. This upcoming version shares comparable features. Most noticeable of which, are the exaggerated double-stitched piping and the Shemagh material chosen for most of the uppers. With this being a LIVESTRONG edition, and Lance being a cyclist, the original "onyourfeetkid" moniker has been replaced with the more appropriate "onyourbikekid" across the midsole. In conjunction with the Stages art exhibition at Art Basel Miami, the Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG x UNDFTD Air Force 1 will arrive at select retailers listed below on December 4th. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. UNDFTD, LA, SM, LV Bodega, Boston Concepts, Boston Darkside, SF Daves Quality Meats, NYC House of Hoops, NY Mellow Johnny's, Austin Niketown, NY Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer, NYC Nike Sportsweat at The Montalban, LA Shoe Gallery, Miami UBIQ, Philly Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG UNDFTD Air Force 1 Nike Sportswear LIVESTRONG UNDFTD Air Force 1