eastbay-soleWATCH words_Nick DePaula We have an epic view of the league's kicks from last night, as there was a full slate of games throughout the Association. With the only two remaining undefeated teams in the Celtics and Nuggets both taking an L, as well as several instant highlight dunks, it turned out to be a great Friday for hoops fans. Oh yeah, and LeBron faced off against the Knicks in New York, so you're sure to expect a show from the King, as always. Jordan Brand has seemingly overtaken both the Bobcats and Hawks teams, as Mo Evans (Elements), Joe Johnson (16.5), DJ Augustin (16.5) and Gerald Wallace (Ol School III) are all caught in the same frame in Js. 90040769KS005_HAW_BOBCT Rookie Jeff Teague, wearing the Hyperize, has gotten off to a nice start, and once again we saw big man Nazr Mohammed with a clean pair of Zoom Kobe IV iDs. 90040769SC014_HAWKS_BOBCATS In a battle of striped point guards, Gilbert cautiously surveys the paint, wearing a custom version of the upcoming TS Supernatural, while TJ Ford defends in the TS Cut Creator. 90040770RH002_WIZARDS_PACERS JJ Redick tries to snake through two of the strongest guards in the league in both Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon. Redick has on the Blue Chip II of course, while Stuckey sticks to the TS Cut Creator and BG is wearing a PE version of the Hyperize. 90040771FM004_PISTONS_MAGIC Apparently BG is a giving dude, as teammate Will Bynum must get a few hand-me-down pairs of the Hyperize. 90040771FM003_PISTONS_MAGIC After his gum-soled Hyperize PEs were vetoed by league officials, Andre Iguodala has been mostly sticking with iD versions of the Zoom Kobe IV. Check out his SICK dunk against the Nets. Possibly the highlight of the year.... 90040772JG006_NETS_SIXERS Ever since he was a rookie, LeBron James has taken a special interest to playing in Madison Square Garden, no matter how bad every single of one of those Knicks teams has been. He'll go on and on about the city and stadium is the "Mecca of Basketball," and as we're nearing July of 2010, this just might have been the very last time King James will have played in the arena while wearing a Cavs uniform. Apparently he wanted to capture as much of the moment as possible, even bringing back the team's pre-game "Photoshoot" ritual. 90040777NB009_CAVALIERS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS After winning their franchise's 27th World Series on Wednesday night, the New York Yankees players celebrated with a Championship Parade Friday morning and took in the Knicks and Cavs game Friday night. A-Rod pulled together a decent fit, and even wore the 'New Six' LeBron AF1 Supreme Low to show some support for James. 90040777CM005_CLEVELAND_CAV Any chance Hov wasn't courtside for this game? 90040777MF001_CAVALIERS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS This ballsy fan sat DIRECTLY BEHIND THE KNICKS BENCH. Custom jersey and all. It goes without saying that LeBron to New York would be monumental. Do you think he'd bounce to the big city? 90040777NB001_CAVALIERS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS Once he took the court, LeBron broke out the 'Red Carpet' Max LeBron VII, even though they hardly matched his uniform. The red alternate laces came off a little forced, as on TV you could barely see any accent colors outside of the white and black base, but it's still nice to see him wear what I consider to be the best colorway of the shoe. 90040777NB016_CAVALIERS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS Mo Williams has been wearing his 'Mo Gotti' Hyperize PEs all season long. 90040777NB026_CAVALIERS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS It was nice to see Delonte West back on the court again, sticking to a 90's theme and wearing the Pippen I Retro, after breaking out the CB94 in all white the night before. 90040777CM022_Cleveland_Cav In a TS Commander face-off, Michael Beasley and Nene faced off on this drive down in Miami. 90040774IB005_NUGGETS_HEAT During the first quarter, Dwyane Wade wore the upcoming white/red Retro XII, before switching back to the 16.5 for the rest of the game. (Here's some screen-cap proof courtesy of fan Blazers21NTNP.) 90040774IB006_NUGGETS_HEAT Carmelo Anthony couldn't keep the Nuggets undefeated in his Melo M6s, as the Heat handed Denver their first loss of the season. 90040774IB0026_NUGGETS_HEAT Randy Foye has been bouncing around between the Zoom Hustle and Zoom Flight Club all season long for the Wizards. 90040770RH010_WIZARDS_PACERS While Roy Hibbert's Hyperdunk iDs look pretty sharp, Nick Young's pair of iD Zoom Kobe IVs are all over the place, with an orange collar he was trying to match up with the Wizard's gold accents. 90040770RH007_WIZARDS_PACERS Dwight Howard wears yet another TS Commander LT PE, this time with a nice Superman logo hit along the heel. 90040771FM032_PISTONS_MAGIC Rudy Gay, wearing the Zoom Sharkalaid, catches DJ Mbenga by surprise with this absolute facial in LA. OUCH. 90040781NG032_GRIZZ_LAKERS Allen Iverson wore a new colorway of the Reebok Answer XIII, matching the Grizzlies' terrible new alternate unis. 90040781AB033_GRIZZ_LAKERS Kobe once again breaks out the home '4 Rings' Zoom Kobe IV, while OJ Mayo defends in a clean pair of the Nike Max Rise. 90040781NG031_GRIZZ_LAKERS This just does not look right. 90040781SD018_MEMPHIS_GRIZZ Steven Hunter even joins in on the Zoom Kobe IV iD bonanza!! 90040781SD021_MEMPHIS_GRIZZ Ron Artest -- excited about something. 90040781SD008_MEMPHIS_GRIZZ LaMarcus Aldridge gets free for a nice dunk in his uniquely blocked pair of the Hyperize. 90040782SF014_SPURS_BLAZERS The Blazers wore their alternate 'Rip City' jerseys, which I'm not too crazy about. Brandon Roy rocks a mostly white version of the Max Rise, while Richard Jefferson is wearing a Hypermax PE. 90040782SF002_SPURS_BLAZERS While Stephen Curry may have went to town on these iD Hyperdunks, more importantly my main man Ricky Davis is getting some floor time, and wearing the 'Moments' Jordan Six Rings!! 90040780ES015_LOS_ANGELES_C CJ Watson, far left, yet another NBA player wearing iD Zoom Kobe IVs. 90040780ES013_LOS_ANGELES_C The night was filled with posterizing dunks, and HERE we have a powerful slam from Amare Stoudemire, who looks to be returning nicely from his serious knee injuries. 90040773 Chris Bosh joined in on the fun too. NASTY. 90040776LM026_RAPTORS_HORNETS And lastly, one of my favorite parts about this new NBA season has not only been the emergence of Brandon Jennings and return of Jason Williams, but also the league lifting the long-standing 50/50 color rule on sneakers. Gone are the white or black based shoes, and now we're seeing more color hit the floor, like Trevor Ariza's LOUD Hyperize PEs and Jeff Green's gaudy iD Zoom Sharkleys. THANKS FOR EASING UP NBA. 90040779BB017_THUNDER_ROCKETS