words_Jordan Hagedorn In the spirit of the Holiday season I dug deep into the Eastbay Archive and grabbed a catalog from exactly 15 years ago. Take a look at the cover and a few pages that will surely stir up some nostalgia. I was always a fan of the Comic Book covers Eastbay would bust out in the 1990's. EastbayCover Page 3 featured a nice little write up on the "Round Mound of Rebound", three colorways of Barkleys and some crispy Steel X's. JordanBarkley Page 6 had another Sun, 3 baller Dan Majerle along with some unique Mega Force 3/4 and a AJ IX lookin' Nike. DanMajerle Larry Johnson and a bunch of funky Converse kicks were on page 10 along with an old school J.R. Rider poster and the Bob Knight endorsed Strength Shoe which was dubbed "The Ultimate Leg Training System." LarryBobKnight Last but not least, the back cover had the '90s classic Breakaway Starter Jackets. StarterJacket