DadaSpinnerIII bwords_Nick DePaula I figured it's been at least three years since I last heard from Dada. Which sounds about right since their website hasn't been updated since February of 2006, when they shattered the sneaker universe with the introduction of a MP3-playing, chromed-out sneaker dubbed the Code-M. Terrible indeed. But just when we thought we'd seen an end to the brand that brought us the Cdubbz in not only the incredibly sexy all-chrome colorway, but also nearly 70 variations of everything from full patent to woodgrain, as well as the original Sprewell Spinners that we'll give a pass to just because people were also wearing full color velour suits at the time -- Dada has hit us with the Spinner III!!!! Spinners. As we approach 2010. Available in what looks to be white/black/gold, white/black/green and a black/silver colorway. I didn't believe it either. Sure enough, it's a real shoe. Retail details will be dropped in the near future, but I can imagine we'll be hearing terms like "select retailers" and "limited accounts," which is either code for "it's a hot quickstrike that will come and go," or "it's an awful shoe that nobody is willing to carry." DadaSpinnerIII c Spinner III to the left -- original Spinner on the right: DadaSpinnerIII d Oh yes -- there's a Youtube commercial too!! via Kenlu