eastbay-soleWATCH words_Nick DePaula The NBA season is finally getting underway tonight, and here we have a look at several of the shoes that players were wearing while the games didn't count. Be on the lookout for Sneaker Watch to make its triumphant return now that the L is back for good! The goggled Amar'e Stoudemire looks to be ready for the new year and is showing off a nice colorway of the Nike Hyperize that he'll start the season in. 91026113PA007_SUNS_76ERS While we saw a TON of Zoom Kobe IVs on Lakers players as the team journeyed through the Playoffs, we've already begun to see the shoe on players around the league this preseason. From the littlest of guys in Nate Robinson to Martell Webster, Andre Iguodala and even centers like Ronny Turiaf and Nazr Mohammed, everyone has been seen in the Zoom Kobe IV. 91026133NG028_BCATS_LAKERS91026133AB023_BCATS_LAKERS Jordan Farmar gets by former teammate Vlad Radmanovic in a clean pair of adidas TS Cut Creators. 91026133AB027_BCATS_LAKERS Wilson Chandler appears to have moved on from wearing Pony sneakers. We'll have more on the full story when the time is right, and for now, Will The Thrill is wearing the Nike Blue Chip II. 91026114NB12_NETS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS While he hasn't been perhaps the greatest teammate this summer, Stephen Jackson is still down for the cause in repping Protege, as he's seen here debuting their new visible air cushioning system. 91026134RW039_WARRIORS_KINGS Nothing says preseason like ill-advised low percentage running jumpers in the lane. Nicely done DJ Augustin. And nice Elements. 91026133AB009_BCATS_LAKERS Andrew Bynum recently joined the Protege movement as well, and he'll wear their higher end Edge line all season. 91026133AB005_BCATS_LAKERS What we're unsure about and have been looking into over the past week is why Al Harrington of all people has been wearing the Nike Blue Chip II and Zoom Kobe IV during the preseason. Harrington, of course, is the founder of Protege. 90198023JP009_KnicksPractice CP3 steps off the bus to help out during the NBA Cares "Week Of Service" wearing a fresh pair of Mr. Boober's Doernbecher Jordan 1. Great look!! 82921732LM022_HORNETS_RTA The past few years we've noticed non-sig players taking things upon themselves and playing around with NIKE iD more often than ever. Check out Nate Robinson's iD Zoom Kobe IVs and CDR's Zoom Flight V's below. 91026213DD010_KNICKS_NETS While Yi Jianlian looks to have bulked up a bit and is hoping to finally have an impactful season -- all logic is shattered in this picture as Jared Jeffries is balling in Jordan 1 Retro Mids. What. The. Hell. It's 2009 Jared. 91026213DD011_KNICKS_NETS There's zero chance this play didn't end with a Carmelo Anthony basket and an Adam Morrison shrug. 91026224AB0017_NUGS_LAKERS OUCH. This is definitely not a good sign of support in the Nike Hyperize for rookie Stephen Curry. SW Pre15 What's more impressive? Lou Amundson showing some bounce as he gets to the basket, or the total lack of combined care between Jerryd Bayless and Juwan Howard? 91026230JV008_BLAZERS_SUNS While not necessarily pegged as a performance shoe, Corey Maggette and several other NBA players have been showing the adidas Drop Top love on-court. 91026239RW014_WARRIORS_HORNETS On the other hand, you could be Hasheem Thabeet and throw terms like "modern performance" and "cushioning technology" entirely out of the window. Can't say I ever expected to see the Jordan 60+ on an NBA court. 91026238KS0011_BOBCATS_GRIZ This picture is FULL OF AWKWARD. Nevertheless, we get a nice glimpse of Sean Marks not in a seated setting, and wearing the new Nike Cradle Rock Low. 91026263NG016_NOH_CLIPS And lastly, Rasheed Wallace fittingly caught in the classic Sheed Man pose. Now come on Nike, drop some damn Green/White AF1 Highs!!! 91026201NB06_CELTICS_KNICKS NB001_ROCKETS_KNICKS Here's to a great season of NBA ball!!! As a special bonus, shout out to forum member 'killermamba' who got his picture taken with Michael Beasley recently down in Houston this past summer. [On a dated camera phone, explaining the poor quality.] Mike seems to have on quite the fit, as he's rocking a tee that reads "Hi Times With Bob Marley," is holding a pair of black/carolina Fusion IIIs, and according to 'killermamba,' he was wearing black/red Countdown Jordan XI's. We're not sure what to make of the entire scene. SuperCoolBeas