words_Nick DePaula There's not really a more exciting time than the start of the NBA season, and it can't come soon enough. We're also pleased to have the triumphant return of our NBA Sneaker Watch, taking a look at what players around the L are rocking all season. To kick things off, let's take a look at the players that ditched their previous sneaker company and have made a brand switch. While last season's playoffs were highlighted by a nice little story involving some beef between Marcin Gortat and Reebok that apparently was unable to be resolved, give adidas some major props for snagging Anthony Randolph away from Nike just as he's likely to have a break-out season. Oh yeah, and Dwyane Wade joined Jordan Brand, I guess that was big news too. After starting his career out exclusively with Nike, Andrew Bynum recently inked an endorsement deal with Protege. He'll be leading their Edge line in the future. SW BrandSwitch591022348AB012_LAKERSLIVEPRACTICE Though not quite a household name or perhaps a huge priority for sneaker companies, Marcus Williams has left adidas and is wearing Nike for the first time since his UCONN days. (He must also be feeling slighted as of late, as EA's NBA 2k10 has him on the Spurs roster....the WRONG Marcus Williams.) 90198023JM033_GRIZZ_CAMP Much has been made about Mike Miller's switch from adidas to Nike, and more importantly the fact that he's been wearing the Nike Zoom Soldier III. His teammates have been bugging him about it and have urged him to wearing anything but LeBron's kicks. "We already talked about that," said Deshawn Stevenson. "He got to get 'em out of here. We already had a discussion. He said he going to try some new shoes. Me, Caron, Antawn told him about how we feel about them. LeBron shoes -- we off that. We already got war against them. He can't wear that. It's all beef right there." For Mike Miller, he's just hoping to wear what's most comfortable as his career winds down. "They've been on me for it," Miller said. "When you're unathletic and white like me, you got to have the lightest shoe out there. They feel good on my feet. It's no disrespect. I didn't know [these] guys hated each other like that. I've been on Front Street in the locker room. I told them 'No disrespect.' " Should be interesting to see what Mike wears throughout the year. 91022348ND010_WIZ_MEDIA91025999ND029_MAVS_WIZ While it would've been more fitting for Jordan Brand to have thrown some free kicks Marcin's way, the Magic center has finally ended ties with Reebok, as everyone assumed would happen. SW BrandSwitch2 In another loss for Reebok, Al Jefferson has also left for the Swoosh, and has been wearing the Hypermax during the preseason. From Big Al to Slim Al, he's been crediting a summer-long Subway diet for the frame that has him starting out the season in his best shape ever. 91026004DS008_RAPTR_TWOLVS Dwyane Wade made headlines this summer when it was announced he was leaving his signature series and lucrative contract at Converse for the main stage at Jordan Brand. He wore fresh XI's to Media Day, and has been playing in the Jordan 16.5 since. 91022348IB004_Heat_Media_Day91025949AE001PISTONS_HEAT Jameer Nelson has also left Converse, although a bit more quietly, and will start the season off in the Nike Hyperize. The Magic also went from one of the more versatile branded teams last year, with Hedo Turkoglue and Dwight Howard in adidas, Rafer Alston in AND1, Gortat in Reebok, Jameer in Converse and the rest in Nike, to now a predominantly Nike squad with the addition of Vince Carter and Brandon Bass to the team, loss of Hedo and Skip, and the brand defections of Gortat and Nelson. An interesting brand shift indeed, as Nike has overtaken the team just after an NBA Finals appearance. SW BrandSwitch And in a nice steal for adidas, Golden State's Anthony Randolph will be seen in Stripes this year as he looks to have a HUGE year. 91026016RW017_SUNS_WARRIORS