words_Jordan Hagedorn As Reebok celebrates the 20th Anniversary of their Pump, I figured it fitting to take a trip back in time and have a glance at a vintage Eastbay cover, the Back to School 1990 cover featuring the original black colorway of the Reebok Pump, an old school computer and some funky pants. You can look forward to similar Eastbay Memory Lane posts throughout the year, detailing the classic sneakers that have graced Eastbay's pages. EastbayBacktoSchool1990 As I flipped through this particular catalog, I found some nice gems from Reebok that I hadn't seen in years. Page 6 was the Reebok page. It featured the White and Black colorways of the hi top Pumps followed by the Omnizone Mid, Women's Omni Zone, Twilight Zone Pump and the Reverse Jam Hi & 3/4. Check out the classy dudes wearing the Reebok tee and don't forget about those way too short reversible shorts. EastbayReebokPage Flipping forward to page 14 I found the AXT and SXT Pump and the CXT Ultra. EastbayReebokPage2 Turning the page, I came to the tennis section. The Court 5/8 & Court LWT 5/8 were alongside the classic Court Victory (Pump). EastbayReebokPage3 For more on the history of the Pump, check out Nick's post here or go to Reebok's newly launched Pump Microsite Pump20.com.