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All summer long, the hype and anticipation leading up to each of the three releases of the Nike Air Yeezy has been unparalleled in these recessionary times, as not only were entire outfits staged around the tones and accents of the now-classic sneakers, but there's been a love affair with the retro-driven model that's sparked some healthy discussion amongst our long-blown-up subculture. Across the country, hesitation was nowhere near the scene of a boutique register, as $215 was counted up or swiped in plastic over, over and over again. As you surely took notice of our Issue 29 cover, you probably weren't expecting a Sneakerphile of the Air Yeezy for August, and you're right; it marked the first time we've ever included such a feature detailing a shoe after its release. The reason was simple, as we hoped to break down exactly how the Air Yeezy came to be after a process that spanned more than two years. Another important aspect of the shoe was its charity impact, which seemingly got overlooked amidst all of the hype surrounding each release. On that note, we're pleased to announce Nike's latest charity venture: Yeezy For Doernbecher. You see, the $215 price tag may have seemed steep to some, but all of the proceeds from the sales of the Air Yeezy ended up benefiting the Kanye West Foundation's Loop Dreams program, which helps underprivileged youths gain access to music enrichment programs. There's also a second charitable element for the much-coveted shoe, as the cover-pictured, exact same pair that Kanye wore on The Grammys will be auctioned to benefit the Doernbecher Children's Hospital, based in Portland, Oregon. You should already be familiar with Doernbecher, of course, as for the past five years, Nike has produced a limited run of sneakers designed hand-in-hand with patients of the hospital. Each year, all of the proceeds from those sneakers have benefited Doernbecher, helping to buy supplies and new medical equipment, as well as pay for research grants and also provide funding help for families in need. For Mark Smith, who is currently the Creative Director at Jordan Brand, auctioning off the one-of-a-kind, Grammy-worn pair was an easy decision, as helping out in any way possible always puts a smile on his face. The Grammy Air Yeezy will be listed in a 7-day auction format on, ending at 7:30 PM PST next Saturday, September 19th. Included along with the luxe black leather sneakers is an accompanying pink set of lacelocks, as well as a custom lasered wooden box, with the graphics created and later etched by Mark Smith himself. As if that's not enough, we're also excited about the inclusion of another exceptionally rare pair in the Yeezy For Doernbecher auction series. We saw Chi McBride and Mark Smith unveil it a few weeks ago, and it's a one-of-one, all black Air Yeezy sitting atop an Air Jordan VI tooling. As Chi says, "Of which there is only one. None before it. None to come." And as Mark let us know, Kanye himself has never even seen them. Made also in size 12, the Yeezy/ VI includes a custom lasered white box, along with one of the very first sketches that Mark Smith knocked out at the beginning of the project. Just like the Grammy pair, all of the proceeds will go to benefit the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Please take some time to learn more about the Doernbecher Children's Hospital by visiting their website HERE. Yeezy For Doernbecher Charity Auction Details: Nike Air Yeezy "Grammy's" -- EBAY LINK End time: 7:30 PM PST -- September 19, 2009 For more detailed images, check HERE. 700YeezyGrammy8 Nike Air Yeezy "VI Tooling" -- EBAY LINK End time: 7:30 PM PST -- September 19, 2009 For more detailed images, check HERE. 700YeezyVI 4