What shoes have grown on you? You know how sometimes you see a pair of shoes and you don't like them, or even hate them? I'm sure that's happened to everybody. For me, I hated the Jordan Retro XIII's, better known as the "Altitudes." I thought these things were bland and hideous for the first three to four years they came out, but they really grew on me over time. As my luck had it, as I was looking for them, a friend of mine happened to be selling his. Thanks Jeff! (Better known as BuddhaTB on the forums.) Along with the Jordan Cool Grey III's... and now the III's are one of my favorite Jordans. Which shoes have gotten on your better side over time? Thread: https://solecollector.com/forums/jays-that-grow-on-you-t761566.html Thread Starter: Fresh2Def! Pictures By: London