IMG_2717 IMG_2715 I had just gotten my Shaq Mitchell and Ness jersey altered to my liking, so I thought I'd bring it out the closet. What's better than rocking an Orlando Shaq jersey? Rocking some Magic Penny II's with it! I also love to check out what everyone else is wearing, and I'll walk around a Hotel/Casino (I live in Vegas) and see some of the coolest fits ever. Whether it be a simple jeans, white tee and a nice pair of kicks, or someone who has put some thought into their shit. People on our forum are no different, and I see people post fits that I would never wear, but it looks good. This is one of our most popular, if not our most popular topic, so let's see what they're wearing. What did YOU wear today? Thread: Thread Starter: andrewisdope Pictures By: I RoC JaYz23