words_Nick DePaula We all have our favorite NBA players, and whether we like to admit it or not, the way we shoot, pass or drive is probably influenced by somebody. For most people, that guy slashed to the hoop with his tongue wagging out, or maybe for a generation before us, rocked a mean fro and repped Converse. I'll readily admit I throw behind-the-back passes all day long based off the games of Jason Kidd and Jason Williams. For today's players, it's pretty likely your favorite player under the Nike umbrella is either LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, and for good reason -- they're two of the best hoopers on the planet. You can buy the shoes, the jerseys, the clothes, the ballerbands and even study up on all of their stats, but at what point is being a fan taken too far? Check out the ink this superfan got permanented across his forearm and leg, courtesy of a Kenlu thread. Fandom taken too far? Should LeBron feel scared? What do you think? BronTat3BronTatBronTat2