WelcomeHeader Welcome, and thanks.... Thanks for checking out the all new SoleCollector.com, and thanks for demanding more. At Sole Collector, we've spent the past five years trying to seek out the best content possible to share with our readers. Whether that means extensive interviews with the footwear industry's most notable designers or exclusive athlete interviews with the L's finest, the focus has always been on delivering in-depth discussions of every facet of the sneaker landscape. We figured it was time for our website to reflect the same level of quality and attention to detail that you've come to expect in print. It's time to get away from the multitude of blogs that rely on a format of regurgitating content, as we'd prefer to rather zero in on what makes our world so special. The people behind the scenes. The endless colorways and components of each season. Our detailed performance reviews. The inspirations behind the most unnoticeable design cues, and our unmatched photography of the world's rarest sneakers. We hope you find that angle refreshing. One thing you should also immediately notice is the return of Kicksology. That's right, we'll be posting literally every Kicksology.net review, as originally written by Prof. K, under the 'Ko CLASSIC' moniker. I'll also be continually reviewing current products, with the same level of technical analysis and interviews straight from the source. To make things clear, you won't be seeing leaked camera phone pictures, rumored releases or hearsay as fact. That's what our Forums are for, and we encourage you to talk it up all day long in there. Rather, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the shoes and stories that matter, with industry profiles, interviews and opinionated pieces detailing every brand in the industry. Feel free to post your comments below or on the Forum - just click here. Thanks. Nick DePaula Creative Director Oh yeah, and great timing on Nike Basketball's end. Here's a sneak peak at our latest Friends & Family sneaker... Launch3Launch8Launch1Launch2Launch4Launch5Launch6Launch7