This is one of those pairs of shoes that I just love - probably because they are loud AND they are the first pair of shoes that SC ever designed. I can remember the entire design process Retrokid and I went through. It was mostly his ideas but I threw in a few colors to round things out. This is also the first dunk to not have one color on the back side panel. The back side panel usually has the same color from the bottom to the top (it goes under the small part of the swoosh). The red paint splotch on the side is actually from the 50 state road trip for issue 7. I wore these shoes a lot on that trip - even over to England to photograph Dave White. The red paint was from Dave working - I always thought marks like these add some character. No doubt these shoes have seen some miles but I still wear them. They are playing in overtime FTW. Sole Collector Cowboy Dunk Low NYC