I have to say these Soldier Is really have that locked down feeling - even with the strap hanging loose. The last time I was in China I wore this pair and was at a 7-11 (yes they have 7-11s but with totally different stuff - like seaweed wrapped rice / tuna triangles.... actually really good). As you could imagine it is difficult to communciate to most Chinese becaue not many of them speak English - a lot more probably speak Russian. Anyway - I was standing in line at this 7-11 with a seaweed triangle / mountain dew / and a Chinese magazine (non-porn) and this kid who was probably 13 was tugging on his mom's elbow pointing at my shoes. I look down and he has the white Solider Is. In the US, I would expect someone wearing the exact same pair that I had on - but to be all the way in the middle of nowhere in China and to have someone wearing the same model of shoe was pretty cool. It really showed me how far the sneaker culture has expanded. 8_5_09