Vegan restaurants. Brunch spots. UFC fights. Record stores. The list of things for Zac to hit up while in Portland could go on and on, and for the most part he leaves every time entirely disappointed, since I generally try and avoid everything he's remotely interested in that doesn't involve basketball. I was a good sport and joined him for the UFC fight last night at the Rose Garden, where the Ed Hardy ratio was 100% out of control. We do agree on shoes at least. And that Ricky Davis is awesome, U2 sucks and thick beats skinny for females. Anyways, earlier today, thanks to my buddy Jeff, I pulled off a blockbuster trade for these Cool Grey XIs and made sure to throw them on right away. They've just always been one of those shoes that I couldn't justify throwing down a ton of money for, but once the right trade came along, it was tough to pass up. NDP CG XI For Zac, a pair of digital camo Air Rifts would do the trick. Thanks to another blockbuster trade, it's actually the same pair that I wore to the 7.7.7 event. (Two years ago...damn!) ZacRift