words_Nick DePaula images_Zac Dubasik With the Nike Air Max LeBron VII officially being unveiled earlier today in Akron, Ohio (check HERE for extensive sneaker images), and Nike setting up a comprehensive collection of rare Zoom LeBron sneakers (check HERE for pictures of the display), there was also a press conference and global webcast that took place to discuss the shoe. Hosted by Kenan Thompson, LeBron and Nike Basketball Designer Jason Petrie sat down to chat all about the shoe's design inspiration, details and technology. The King was of course wearing the sneaker of the day in its launch colorway, while Petrie pulled out a pair of 'Superman' Zoom LeBron III's from the closet. LeBron fields questions from the media on hand. SC 1 A look at an early sketch from Jason Petrie conceptualizing where the shoe would be headed. SC 9 The shoe's 360 Max Air bag in an exposed top angle. SC 10 Petrie's design progressing along the way. SC 2 Kenan Thompson, LeBron James & Jason Petrie chatting up the latest signature sneaker in the James line. SC 5 Remember how old we all thought LeBron looked THEN? SC 8 A scene from easily my favorite LeBron ad. What could possibly beat the Summer Madness pool spot? SC 3 SC 4 SC 6 SC 7 For some insights directly from Jason Petrie, also be sure to check out this video chronicling the process.