words & images_Nick DePaula

The word collaboration has taken on quite a few different meanings over the past few years. Just after the turn of the millennium, we saw our first major wave of honest partnerships in the sneaker industry come to the forefront of the most astute collector's lens, as artists, brands and even stores began latching onto the concept of working hand-in-hand with footwear companies to help create an inspired or themed colorway of a specific model.

Nowadays, it takes more for a collaboration to matter much, and we're perfectly pleased to have seen that shift over time, as thoughtful products have remained impactful, while forced and rushed ideas have been loudly shunned. A sneaker that is limited only by manufactured rarity no longer carries with it the same cachet and mystique that it once did, as we all collectively have become more selective and demanding of what's presented to us.

There's a desire for a backstory, hope for attention to detail and a re-emerging emphasis on wearability over gaudiness. And that's exactly why we've partnered with both Jhung Yuro and Tanner Goods for The Premium.

 Located on opposite ends of the country, the two brands hold equal ideologies in that they place a premium on just that, premium goods. Whether it's a hand-crafted cardholder from Tanner Goods made in Portland, Oregon that is simplistic and yet utilitarian, or a wearable sneaker from Jhung Yuro that works for every lifestyle of everyday living - we felt both young brands have carved out their own interpretation of quality and have a ton of successes ahead of them.

Bringing all three of our likeminded tastes together has made for a set that we feel is refreshingly unexpected and represents a great subtle casual feel rooted in value. Included in The Premium is one pair of Jhung Yuro Old School shoes nestled into a plush slip bag inside of a uniquely branded box specific to this set. We will also be including a matching two-toned natural leather cardholder - the first time Tanner Goods has dropped a two-tone leather piece - cut and assembled by hand by Tanner Goods co-founder Sam Huff.

With an eye for detail and thoughtfulness, we've used a high quality brown natural leather along the upper of the shoe, with silver eyelets and lasered logos tying back into the two-tone cardholder. A cashew hued synthetic rand runs around the base of the shoe for some added durability, and a rich belt leather binds the heel quarters together. For now, enjoy a look of The Premium...