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Not only are we glad to announce the winner of our first ever Sole Collector x Reebok x Honda Fit Design Contest, as Christopher Pardo's Grey/Neon colorway of the Reebok Question earned the most votes and was crowned champion, but we also now can share a first look at the winning colorway.

Amongst thousands of entries, Pardo's design made it to the round of ten finalists, and was then the top vote-getter among the public voting round that took place from March 7th through March 25th. With an upper made of multiple shades of grey, his design is certainly set off by the gleaming neon midsole and translucent neon outsole, a first for the classic Reebok Question.

With some inspiration from the Honda Fit's fierce appearance and the goal of creating something that would certainly be an attention-getter on the streets, Pardo also won three pairs of his winning design all for himself! Read along for a look at what inspired Chris' winning design! 


"When I was designing the shoe, I was really just designing something I could have made for myself. I never thought i would win!!! It's always been my dream to design a shoe or shoes - I'm a huge sneakerhead! I was in shock for a few days man!! I'm still in shock that I won!!! I called all my sneakerhead friends and they couldn't believe it when I told them I won!!!

As for the colorway, I was designing that shoe for about 35 minutes, just putting colors together and I like green so I put that in there. I had to go with a bright neon green to get attention to the shoe cause I was thinking if I do win, I would want to make sneakerheads snap their necks lookin' cause a Rbk Question has never came out with a colorway like that. I also thought of the Honda Fit and thought it goes well with the car." -Chris Pardo


To discuss the Sole Collector x Reebok x Honda Fit Design Contest in the Forums, click HERE. Thanks to everyone who submitted their own colorway designs, and thanks also to Reebok and Honda for their participation in such a cool project. We'll be sure to update you once Chris' shoes come to life!

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