3805490297_cf6b7fd1aa_b My friends over at Eighty81 put on their first fashion show on Friday night, and it was a pretty great time. Hopefully it was just the first of many that they will be doing. Local brands, local celebrities and performances by Fly Union and Big Sean were a few of the highlights. And the biggest local celebrity of them all even took part in the event. LeBron, along with Savannah, were the last two to walk the runway, which was the perfect finale to the show. The party which immediately followed was pretty awesome too. Check out Eighty81.com for lots more pics and info. 3806232882_71e6569c05_b 3806195212_04f41f1c65_b 3805452057_995dbf9549_b 3806235080_58e6480edd_b fashion