8 Hey all! I'm Colin Brickley, PR & Sports Marketing Director at Pony. We're based down in sunny San Diego, and the PONY crew headed up to Vegas for the Compass Trade show last week to hustle our Spring Summer 2010 collection. We had quite the trip, as we always do...! We hit the Zappos party the first night (didn't want to miss that one after they were just sold for nearly $900 mil!) 12 Then it was off to see our buyers at the Hard Rock. The Compass show traffic was down a bit this season but all the majors were there - so we made out pretty good. We made up some snap-back truckers to hand out at the show and they went like gold. Check the flix... 45 Compass is an excellent venue for us to showcase our product line to specialty retailers the world over. With other brands such as PF Flyers, Converse, Creative Rec, Camper, Sperry, Alife, Spring Court, Stampd LA and many others in attendance it shows our buying public that we are a player in the select world of trend lifestyle footwear! Here's me with our upcoming line... 7 The overall response to the SS10 product line was very positive! Our competitors and our retailers think we are on the right track, and one constant comment from everyone though was, 'Where are your actual historical PONY products?' You shall soon see... Once our Fall/Winter SS2010 drops. We attacked our catalogues from 85-89 and pulled out some sick styles to bring out of retirement! Heads up... Then it was off to the Double Down Saloon to unwind! 101112 Next up...PONY is headed to the TEEN CHOICE Awards this week. Will definitely let you know how that goes down.... Stay Tuned!