LTD 2 words & images_Nick DePaula This season, the adidas Drop Top is purposefully different, taking on an entirely new aesthetic, approach and form than we're used to seeing from the brand, and at a time when the terms "risky" and "boundary pushing" are probably not too welcome in design room meetings. While other lifestyle categories and brands play their cards a bit more safely and rely on past successes to recycle and rehash old ideas, during a year in which footwear sales and profits for the known mega corporations continue to suffer, the adidas Basketball team couldn't have chosen a more challenging window to be daring and bold. It's that reason alone that has me incredibly excited about the potential and direction of where the group might be headed. Mike Salman, otherwise known as "Hawaii" Mike, is pretty excited about the new model as well, and as Founder and Editor-In-Chief of LTD Magazine, he and adidas Basketball recently partnered up on a limited Friends & Family exclusive version of the Drop Top. The Drop Top, designed by Evan Lok, carries over several classic hoops traits into its more casual frame, like an EVA midsole and full herringbone traction pattern. "It's basically: Basketball Soul, Street Skin. The brief was re-looking at the personalization concept," explains Jack Gray, adidas Senior Project Manager of Global Basketball Footwear Marketing. "It went beyond ADAN, All Day All Night, which was just about a kid that could do more than one thing with a shoe. We really wanted to be about that, but to really go beyond it in terms of personalization with iPhones, Wii and everything else now being interactive, we wanted the kid to be able to have a model that he could actually customize and have a relationship with." SC LTD 6 For Hawaii Mike, the collaboration was born after a feedback meeting with the crew from adidas. "The partnership came about during a session with adidas and some tastemakers in NY," he reveals. "They were showing us some upcoming styles and the Drop Top was something new, which in the day and age of everything being retro, was nice to see. Plus, I liked the fact that the style came out of the performance group and not lifestyle, that made it a little better to me. They noticed my interest and followed up asking if LTD would like to do a collaboration using the Drop Top." After following up on their mutual interest, the two ends got through a series of emails and phone calls and got to work on shaping just what a LTD Mag iteration could look like. "It was a perfect time cause I was just re-branding the magazine and agency together under LTD+, so it worked out," says Hawaii. "I'm a big summer/ beach guy and UNC Tarheels fan, so that's where the colorway came from. The perforated pattern is all + 's to tie into our new LTD+ branding and I added the white reflective cause the Drop Top is an ADAN child, so I wanted something to change/pop in certain lights." Take a look at the LTD+ adidas Drop Top, and stay tuned to to find out how you can win a pair. To learn more about the Drop Top and hear all about the inspiration and details from Evan Lok and Jack Gray, be sure to check out the upcoming Issue 29 of Sole Collector! SC LTD 8SC LTD 4 SC LTD 1SC LTD 5SC LTD 3SC LTD 7