Sole Collector x NikeTown Miami Event | Held January 20th, 2006

words & images_Nick DePaula

With the success of the Boston and New York events building the anticipation for Sole Collector's Miami event, there was definitely high expectations to be had for the shoes on hand. Initially, there was the potential for a letdown, as only one model would be released, and surprisingly, Retrokid wasn't even involved in the colorway. [For some, that could in theory be a good thing.]

Luckily for everyone, Sole Collector's Art Director Kerstin Carter and Nike's "Cowboy" stepped up and delivered a great themed version of the Air Max 180. Retrokid helps to explain the inspiration behind the Florida-themed runner.

Nick DePaula: The Miami event included the first running shoe that Sole Collector worked on. How'd that version come about after the 2K5 in Boston and then the Dunk in New York?

Retrokid: The next event after those two was Miami, and I actually wasn't involved with this shoe. They wanted to go with the Air Max 180, because at the time they were really behind the History Of Air.

NDP: Right, the History Of Air pack was pretty huge then.

RK: Right, so they went with the 180, and there were a few concepts floating around, but what they went with was a gator inspiration. Because Florida is filled with gators, I guess. [laughs] There was a green croc going around the upper, green suede on the upper too, and then a pink Swoosh. The insole was designed by Kerstin [Carter] from Sole Collector actually. Pink was because of the tongue of the gator, and then the outsole was a shade of gum because it was supposed to be like the belly. That was the inspiration.

There were limited pairs, and after New York, we only went with one shoe. I think there was 180 pairs, all numbered on the back, which was really cool. They sold out really quick, and actually, the 180 came out really good. That's one of the hardest Sole Collector shoes to find now, because you just don't see that many pairs out there.

NDP: What's up with the star on the toe?

RK: That was the homage to the Cowboy. We added the perfs on the toe to add something different and have a story that ties back to the Cowboy.