words // Zack Schlemmer

For today's Classic Commercial we visit Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood for some classical piano and basketball with the Nike Air Command Force. 

In 1990-91 Nike had a campaign for David Robinson, called Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood.  A loose parody of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, each spot had a semi-educational topic and/or special guest like Gary Payton, Charles Barkley, or at the other end of the spectrum in this commercial, classical pianist Rudolph Firkusny.  Although The Admiral is a talented musician, he soon learns that he is no match on the keys for Rudolph.  At that point, he takes to the court, where he dominates Mr. Firkusny while wearing the Nike Air Command Force.

The Command Force was not David Robinson's official signature shoe, but it is almost undisputedly his coolest shoe worn throughout his career.  With a super high cut and Nike pump system in the ankle, the Command Force also came equipped with dope 90's colorways like this speckled neon heel version also made famous by Billy Holyle in White Men Can't Jump.  Why David wore those weird rolled socks may never be known, but the Command Force ranks among the coolest basketball shoes ever.