The 10 Worst 'South Beach' Colorway Sneakers

words // Zac Dubasik

The right model. The right colorway. The right player. The right circumstances. A lot of different factors went into the success of the “South Beach” Air Max LeBron 8. And thanks to those factors, a shoe that wasn’t even all that limited ended up fetching four-figures on the resellers market.

It’s only natural that brands would want to capitalize on the success of that instantly recognizable colorway. But, as we’ve seen many times, lightning doesn’t necessarily strike 10 times. And rather than being a cool alternative to a classic colorway, they come across as copies, and reminders of what a great moment the original was.

Many tales have been told as to why these repeated “South Beach” colorways aren’t really “South Beach” colorways, but the fact is, the likelihood of other stories coinciding with teal and pink kicks is minimal had the original LeBron 8 never existed. So let's take a look at some of the most blatent copies, as we list the 10 worst examples below.


Reebok Rail


adidas Crazy 97


adidas Crazy 97 "Alternate"


adidas D Rose 4


Nike Air Max Jr


Supra Chimera




adidas Top Ten 2000


Jordan CMFT 11 Viz Air


Jordan Fly Wade 1

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