Release Recap // Air Jordan 3 Retro - Fire Red

words // Luis Sanchez

This past weekend saw the iconic "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro return to retailers for the socond time in the last six years.

Looking back at the 2007 release of the timeless Air Jordan 3 Retro, many fans over time ended up extremely disappointed with the quality of their first-ever retro release. Many pairs quickly yellowed and saw severe paint cracking, setting the expectations for this year's release quite high.

And although this year's release seemed to be pretty impressive in terms of quality, many fans stayed away due to the issues seen on the 2007 release. Differences from the 2007 release include a slightly more tumbled leather taking over the upper, along with an Air Jordan hang tag and an OG Air Jordan 3 box also included.

Picked up this year's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro? If so, how do they compare to the 2007 release? Does the quality seem to be better, or the same? Hit the comment section below to share your thoughts, pick-up stories and any photos showcasing your pair of the "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

BryantDigital's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

Sho3tym picked up three pairs of the "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

JakeTyler48's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

JohnWall2's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

Evangelo completed his collection of 3's with this year's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

Promotagged's "Fire Red" Air Jordan 3 Retro.

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