Nike, Inc. Unveils Colordry Technology

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Nike CEO, Mark Parker, at recent investor meetings, talked about a "manufacturing revolution." And the unveiling of ColorDry Technology at a high-tech Taiwanese facility is one of those exact steps towards that vision.

The process involves waterfree dying, which eliminates the use of water and chemicals from fabric dying. Chief Operating Officer, Eric Sprunk, explained that, 

“NIKE, Inc. innovates not only in the design of our products, but also in how they are made. We see sustainability and business growth as complementary and our strategy is to prioritize relationships with factory groups that demonstrate a desire to invest in sustainable practices and technologies. Our collaboration with Far Eastern and DyeCoo, to develop and scale the ColorDry process, is an important milestone on our path towards manufacturing innovation.”

The difference with ColorDry is dramatic. According to Mr Kuenlin Ho, Exec. Vice President at contract manufacturer FENC, 

“Compared to traditional dyeing methods, the ColorDry process reduces dyeing time by 40%, energy use by around 60% and the required factory footprint by a quarter. It’s also the most saturated, intense and consistent color we’ve seen.”

ColorDry products should be hitting consumers in early 2014. For now, check out these detailed diagrams of how the process works, as well as shots from the actual factory. 

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